Index of values

(**) [Vector]
(++) [Vector]
(--) [Vector]
(//) [Vector]

accept_only [Parser]
If we want to accept only some arguments of the given type
add [Sprite.Table]
add [Sprite.Set]
add set sprite adds sprite to set.
add_action [Input]
add_action ?mode action_name start_fun end_fun adds an action to the console (allows binding it).
add_action [Helpers]
add_action ?more broadcast key adds an action that may be optionally broadcasted.
add_action_group [Helpers]
add_action_group ?mode broadcast keys_list adds an optionally broadcasted group of actions.
add_action_pair [Helpers]
add_action_pair ?mode broadcast start_key end_key adds an action pair that may be optionally broadcasted.
add_broadcast [Net]
add_broadcast serialize client_recv adds an automatically broadcasted message.
add_chat [Helpers]
add_chat () adds command "say" to the console
add_client_to_server [Net]
add_collision_fun [Sprite]
add_collison_fun set1 set2 per_pixel collision_fun adds collision_fun to the list of functions called when a sprite from set1 collides with any from set2
add_command [Parser]
add_command name type description handler adds the command to the list of commands.
add_mode [Input]
add_mode name handle_event_fun creates new mode named name in which events are handled by handle_event_fun.
add_net_action [Helpers]
Adds a server action.
add_server_broadcast [Net]
add_server_to_client [Net]
add_sprite_set_info [Helpers]
add_sprite_set_info sprite_serializer set adds a net synchronization message, that will synchronize set in new connected clients.
add_synchronizer [Net]
add_synchronizer fnctn adds a function called on the server whenever a new player connects.
add_var [Net]
add_var name converter is used to add a net changeable variable.
add_variable [Parser]
add_video_mode_var [Helpers]
add_video_mode video_change_fun adds a the variable "video_mode" to the parser and sets video_change_fun to be called whenever the video mode is changed.
available_completions [Parser]
Returns available command completions of given string

blit [Video]
blit surf src_rect context x y Copies src_rect from surf to x, y on context.
bool [Parser]

c2s_add [Protocol]
c2s_add params recv_fun adds a new message to the protocol.
callback [Parser]
Adds a callback to a change.
char [Serialize]
Character serializer
check_collisions [Sprite]
check_collisions sprite finds all objects that sprite collides with all sets that were registered for collision with the sets sprite belongs to.
check_privileged [Net]
check_privileged ()
check_socket [Tcp]
check_socket socket should be called only on the server on a socket created by Tcp.create_socket.
clear [Sprite.Table]
clear [Sprite.Set]
clear set removes all sprites from the given set.
client_net_check [Protocol]
client_net_check () checks the connection for received messages and * calls all receivers.
close [Udp]
close sock should be used to disconnect or unbind the given socket
close [Tcp]
close socket when called on the client disconnects from the server, when called on the server on a created socket it stops accepting client and when called on the server with a socket from a client it closes the connection to the client (to the client it looks like the connection has been lost).
collides_with [Sprite]
collides_with spr per_pixel set returns the list of all sprites from set that collide with spr
color_image [Video]
color_key [Video]
color_surface [Video]
command [Parser]
For commands or variables taking commands as parameters.
connect [Udp]
connect hostname port creates a socket ready to send to specified host.
connect [Tcp]
connect hostname port When called on a client it tries to connect to the given server and port and returns connected socket or throws Not_available
create [Sprite.Table]
create [Sprite.Set]
create size creates a set of sprites.
create [Sprite]
create ?set data frames ?width position Creates a sprite with frames from the given surface.
create [Socket]
create [Input_edit]
Creates a new edit mode
create_context [Video]
create_context x y w h (cam_x, cam_y) creates a context at (x, y) with size (w, h) with initial camera position set to (cam_x, cam_y)
create_log [Parser]
create_log name prefix init creates a debug logger that can be switched on and off via the parser.
create_socket [Udp]
new_socket port creates a listening socket on the given port.
create_socket [Tcp]
create_socket port client_limit should be called on the server to create a socket waiting for new clients.
create_surface [Video]
create_surface (w, h) returns an initially undefined surface with dimensions (w, h)

debug [Log]
Debug message
del [Sprite.Table]
del [Sprite.Set]
del set sprite removes sprite from the given set
delay [Helpers]
dalay is the reference to the delay beetween frames.
delete [Sprite]
delete sprite removes sprite from all sets it belong to
describe_connection [Udp]
describe_connection address returns a string representation of the given net address address.
describe_surface [Video]
describe_surface surf returns a string containing all information about surf
destroy [Socket]
destroy socket closes the socket and deletes its buffer at all
divide_string [Font]
divide_string fnt str max_w
draw [Sprite]
draw cnt sprite draws sprite spr on context cnt.
draw [Console]
Default function drawing the console.
draw_char [Font]
draw_char ?cntx font x y c draws character c with font font on x, y coordinates on context cntx
draw_string [Font]
draw_string ?cntx fnt x y str draws given string str with font font at x, y coordinates on context cntx.
dump [Log]
duplicate_surface [Video]
duplicate_surface surf creates a copy of surf.

ellipse [Video]
ellipse ?on (x, y) (rx, ry) fill color draws an optionally filled ellipse at (x, y) with radius (rx, ry) using color.
enter_pressed [Input_edit]
Clears the contents of the editbox and adds the line to command history
error [Log]
Error message

fatal [Log]
A fatal message.
fill [Video]
fill context rect color Fills the given rect on the given context.
find [Sprite.Table]
flip [Video]
Flips the front and back buffers
float [Serialize]
float [Parser]
flush [Socket]
flush socket sends whole send queue of socket
fold [Sprite.Table]
fold [Sprite.Set]
fold fnctn set value folds a function through a set.
fold_data [Sprite.Table]
fold_data [Sprite.Set]
force_read [Tcp]
force_read socket blocking
force_recv [Socket]
force_recv socket is a blocking version of Socket.recv that waits for a message.

get [Parser]
get [Log]
get () is used to get the contents of log.
get [Input_edit]
Gets the current contenst of edit box
get_animation_frame [Sprite]
get_animation_frame sprite
get_cam_pos [Video]
get_cam_pos context () returns the coordinates of the world shown by upper left corner of context.
get_data [Sprite]
get_data sprite returns the data of sprite
get_frames [Sprite]
get_local_players [Net]
get_local_players ()
get_pos [Sprite]
get_pos sprite
get_pos [Input_edit]
Returns the position of the cursor
get_real_mode [Input]
get_resolution [Video]
get_resolution () returns the current video resolution
get_size [Sprite]
get_size sprite returns the size of sprite

handle [Input_edit]
Default key handler for the editbox, to be used with Input.add_mode
handle_repeat [Input_edit]
height [Font]
height font returns height of font font

image_size [Video]
image_size image returns the dimensions of image
in_bounds [Sprite]
in_bounds sprite checks if the sprite is ouside of world in any of the sets it belongs to
info [Log]
Information message
init [Net]
init pl_change_fun adds 'connect' and 'server' to console.
int [Serialize]
Integer value serializer.
int [Parser]
Simple command and variable params
int31 [Serialize]
iter [Sprite.Table]
iter [Sprite.Set]
iter fnctn set iterates a function over a set.
iter_data [Sprite.Table]
iter_data [Sprite.Set]

key_of_string [Keys]
Translates a key name to the key type

length [Vector]
line [Video]
line surf x1 y1 x2 y2 color draws a line from (x1, y1) to (x2, y2) using color.
list [Serialize]
List length as and its elements concateneted.
load [Font]
load file returns font loaded from file in sfont format
load_image [Video]
Loads a given image of any type supported by SDLimage.

main [Helpers]
main frame_delay new_frame_fun draw_fun is the mainloop
main_no_quit [Helpers]
map [Serialize]
marshal [Serialize]
A marshaling serializer.
mask_cut [Sprite]
mask_cut from_where cut_what alpha_bias cuts all pixel's from from_where where cut_what has alpha bigger than alpha_bias
mem [Sprite.Set]
mem set sprite
move [Sprite]
move sprite (dx, dy) moves sprite spr by (dx, dy)
move_cam [Video]
move_cam context (x, y) adds (x, y) to the coordinates of world displayed in context.
move_in_bounds [Sprite]
move_in_bounds sprites (dx, dy) moves sprite as far as possible so that it remains in bounds
move_to [Sprite]
move_to sprite (x, y) Sets the position of sprite to (x, y)

nonuple [Parser]

octuple [Parser]
optimize [Video]
option [Parser]
For optional parameters in commands

pair [Serialize]
Concatenation of its elements
pair [Parser]
For functions with more arguments
parse [Parser]
parse expression Parses a given string and returns a simple function that executes the parsed expression.
pentuple [Parser]
point [Video]
poll [Udp]
poll sock timeout checks if any new messages arrived to the given socket.
process [Net]
process tick_time Do what i mean.
process_events [Input]
process_events ?n () processes at most n events from a buffer.
provide_image [Video]
provide_image provide_fun Creates a Video.t image that will refresh itself using the given fun when needed (video mode change).

quadruple [Parser]
queue [Socket]
queue socket message adds the given message to send queue of socket
quit [Video]
quit deinitializes video mode.

read [Tcp]
read socket may return an empty list
recv [Udp]
recv sock msg pos len returns number of bytes read and who sent it.
recv [Socket]
recv socket message returns a list of messages received.
remember_debug [Log]
resize [Console]
Function that should be called to tell the console to resize itself.

s2c_add [Protocol]
like Protocol.c2s_add, but from server to clients
send [Udp]
send sock to msg pos len sends given message to host connected with sock or to given destination.
send [Socket]
send socket message sends the given message
septuple [Parser]
server_net_check [Protocol]
server_net_check () checks the socket for new clients and for * received messages.
set [Sprite.Table]
set [Parser]
set [Input_edit]
Sets the string an the position of the cursor
set_animation_frame [Sprite]
set_animation_frame sprite frame_num Sets the frame displayed by sprite to frame_num picture on the image.
set_boundary [Sprite.Set]
set_set_boundary min_x max_x min_y max_y
set_cam_pos [Video]
set_cam_pos context (x, y) sets the coordinates of the world shown by upper left corner of context to (x, y).
set_cam_pos_center [Video]
set_cam_pos_center context (x, y) sets the coordinates of the world displayed in center point of context to (x, y).
set_collision [Sprite.Set]
set_collision set width height creates collision structures for set set with bucket size set to (width, height).
set_data [Sprite]
set_data sprite data sets the data of sprite to data
set_frames [Sprite]
set_mode [Video]
set_mode full_screen (width, height) bpp
set_mode [Input]
set_mode m sets current mode to m
set_repeat_handler [Input]
sextuple [Parser]
shade [Video]
shade_tile [Video]
shifted_char [Keys]
Returns the char with shift translation
string [Serialize]
String serializer.
string [Parser]

tile_fill [Video]
triple [Parser]

unit [Serialize]
An empty serializer
unit [Parser]
update_image [Video]

variable [Parser]
For commands that can take variable names as parameters.
vertical_split [Helpers]
vertical_split () returns a list of contexts for players.

width [Font]
width font str returns width of string str written in font font
write [Tcp]
write socket str pos len Just like Unix.write

zero [Vector]