Index of types

address [Udp]
Type representing the net address of a host used to recognize clients

mode [Input]
input mode type.

set [Sprite]
Type representing a set of sprites that represent the same type of objects in collision and in storing information.
socket [Udp]
Type representing either a connected or a listening (bound) UDP socket
socket [Tcp]
Type reperesenting a single inbound or outbound connection.

t [Video]
TODO Type t is a type which represents an image for the actual mode or an.
t [Vector]
t [Sprite]
A sprite.
t [Socket]
Type representing a single socket
t [Serialize]
Type representing a serializer of an object.
t [Protocol]
Type that can be transferred through net.
t [Parser]
A type of information that can be processed by the parser.
t [Input_edit]
type representing an edit mode
t [Font]
type representing a common font type
table [Sprite]
Hashtbl from 'a to 'b sprites