Module Font

module Font: sig  end
Module Font keeps a type representing any font type and all functions that work with this type

type t 
type representing a common font type
exception Error of string
Exception raised when any font associated functions fail
val load : ?color:(Sdlvideo.color * int -> Sdlvideo.color * int) ->
?alpha:bool -> string -> t
load file returns font loaded from file in sfont format
val draw_char : ?on:Video.t -> ?surf:Sdlvideo.surface -> t -> int -> int -> char -> unit
draw_char ?cntx font x y c draws character c with font font on x, y coordinates on context cntx
val draw_string : ?on:Video.t ->
?surf:Sdlvideo.surface ->
t -> int -> int -> ?cursor:int -> string -> unit
draw_string ?cntx fnt x y str draws given string str with font font at x, y coordinates on context cntx. This function works like Font.draw_char, but with whole string.
val height : t -> int
height font returns height of font font
val width : t -> string -> int
width font str returns width of string str written in font font
val divide_string : t -> string -> int -> string list
divide_string fnt str max_w